Generate Parameters

Generate parameters are located in the Drafting > Generate node of the generative view style XML file  (available via Tools > Standard > generativeparameters category > *.XML file).

These parameters specify whether the elements should be projected in the view. They are detailed in the table below.

  • For more information on projected elements, refer to Properties available on Generative Views in the Editing View Properties section of the Interactive Drafting User's Guide.
  • All generative view styles apply to views generated in exact mode. On top of that, some generative view style parameters also apply when creating other view types (CGR, Approximate and Raster), as specified in the Remark column.





AxisLines Yes/No Specifies whether axis lines should be projected. -
CenterLines Yes/No Specifies whether center lines should be projected. -
Fillets None / Boundaries / OriginalEdges / ProjectedOriginalEdges Defines the fillet representation mode. -
HiddenLines Yes/No Specifies whether hidden lines should be projected.

Also applies to CGR, Approximate and Raster view types.

Threads Yes/No Specifies whether threads should be projected. -
3DPoints Yes/No Specifies whether 3D points should be projected. -
Wireframe Yes/No Specifies whether wireframe should be projected. -
Using3DColors Yes/No Specifies whether colors defined in 3D should be kept. Replaced by 3DInheritance parameters in styles provided since V5R12.
Using3DSpec Yes/No Specifies whether Drafting specifications applied to assembly instances  (cut, use, hidden lines) should be used. Also applies to CGR, Approximate and Raster view types.