Creating a Geometry Weld

This task will show you how to create a geometry weld.
Open the Brackets_views03.CATDrawing document.
  1. Click the Weld icon in the Annotations toolbar (Symbols sub-toolbar).

  2. Select a first element. For example, a line.

  3. Select a second element. For example, another line.
    The geometry default weld symbol automatically appears on the drawing.

    The Welding Editor dialog box is displayed.

  4. If needed, modify the geometry welding symbol. For example, modify the thickness from ten to five millimeters.

  5. If needed, modify the type of the geometry welding symbol by selecting the Change Type option from the Welding Editor dialog box.

  6. Click OK.
    The geometry welding symbol is created.

  • The area fill corresponding to the geometry weld cannot be modified.
  • Geometry welds are not associative, which means that changing the geometry does not move the weld accordingly.