Generative Shape Design Parameters

Generative Shape Design parameters are located in the Generative Shape Design > WorkOnSupport  node of the generative view style XML file (available via Tools > Standard > generativeparameters category > DefaultGenerative Style.xml file).
Only work on support parameters are defined.
  These parameters specify whether the elements should be projected in the view. They are detailed in the table below.
Parameter Value Description
Extraction yes/no Determines whether the 3D working support should be extracted or not (default value = No).
Grid step ratio for increasing grid limit integer Specifies the minimum distance (in percentage of a square) between the grid limit and the geometry (default value = 10). If the distance is lower than the defined value, a square is added to the grid.
Lines> Color color Defines the color of the grid's lines (default value = Black).
Lines>Linetype integer Defines the linetype of the grid's lines (default value = 1).
Lines>Thickness integer Defines the thickness of the grid's lines (default value = 1).
Labels>Type Inherited from 3D labels/LWH/XYZ Defines the labels' type (default value = Inherited from 3D labels).
Labels>Position>Horizontal None/Left/Right/Both sides Defines the position of the horizontal labels (default value = None).
Labels>Position>Vertical None/Top/Bottom/Both sides Defines the position of the vertical labels (default value = None).
Labels>Font>Name font Defines the labels' font name (default value = Arial).
Labels>Font>Size integer Defines the labels' font size (default value = 10).
Labels>Font>Color color Defines the labels' font color (default value = Black).
Labels>Font>Bold yes/no Specifies whether the labels' font should be bold or not (default value = No).
Labels>Font>Italic yes/no Specifies whether the labels' font should be italic or not (default value = No).