Creating a Frame and a Title Block  

This task shows you how to insert a frame and a title block in the background of a sheet.
This operation is performed using a macro. A few macros are provided by default. You can customize frames and title blocks by either modifying the default macros (to add actions) or creating your own macros (to add specific formats). For more information on how to do this, refer to Creating a Frame and a Title Block in the Interactive Drafting User's Guide.
Open the GenDrafting_part.CATDrawing document.
  1. Select Edit > Background.

  2. Click Frame Creation in the Drawing toolbar.


    Select Insert > Drawing > Frame and Title Block.

    The Insert Frame and Title Block dialog box is displayed.

  3. Choose a macro from the Style of Titleblock drop-down list. For the purpose of this exercise, choose Drawing_Titleblock_Sample1. A preview of the frame and title block is displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Indicate the action you want to perform in the Action list.

    • Creation: creates the frame and the title block.

    • Deletion: deletes the frame and the title block.

    • Resizing: resizes and updates the frame and the title block (if you change the page format in File > Page Setup).

    • Update: updates the frame and title block, as well as the fields in the title block (part-related and sheet-related information).

    • CheckedBy: completes the "Checked by" field and automatically update the verification date.

    • AddRevisionBlock: adds a revision block.

    Information which is not available in the part will be substituted by "XXX" in the drawing.
  5. Click OK in the Insert Frame and Title Block dialog box.

When the Frame Creation icon is activated, you cannot edit the views. Use Edit > Working Views when you need to work on views.
When adding sheets, if you want the frame and title block to appear in newly created sheets, go to Tools > Options > Mechanical Design > Drafting > Layout tab. Select the Copy background view check box and the First sheet option. This will insert the frame and title block from the sheet you previously created on the current drawing.