Automotive BiW Fastening Generative Parameters

Automotive BiW Fastening generative parameters are located in the Automotive BiW Fastening node of the generative view style XML file (available via Tools > Standard > generativeparameters category > Automotive BiW Fastening node,  DefaultGenerative Style.xml file).
Only spot parameters are defined and accessible through Fasteners > Spot Fasteners > Generate.
  These parameters specify whether and how spot fasteners should be projected in the view. They are detailed in the table below.
Parameters   Value   Description
Extract Location yes/no Specifies whether the spot fastener location must be extracted or not (default value = Yes).
Angular Tolerance float Specifies the maximum angle between the spot normal vector orientation and the direction of the view used for the spot extraction (default value = 90).
Include View Reverse Direction yes/no Specifies whether you wish to visualize the 2D reverse spots (default value = No).