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Getting Started

Using Surfaces and Curves

Joining Surfaces or Curves

Extrapolating Surfaces

Extracting Geometry

Creating Intersections

Creating Projections

Creating Boundaries

Entering the Part Design Workbench

Creating a Pad

Drafting a Face

Filleting an Edge

Editing the Pad

Mirroring the Part

Sketching a Circle from a Face

Creating a Pocket

Shelling the Part

User Tasks

Opening a New CATPart Document

Sketch-Based Features

Creating Pads

Using the Sub-Elements of a Sketch

Creating Up to Next Pads

Creating Up to Last Pads

Creating Up to Plane Pads

Creating Up to Surface Pads

Creating Pads or Pockets from Surfaces

Creating Pads Not Normal to Sketch Planes

Creating Multi-Pads

Creating Drafted Filleted Pads

Creating Pockets

Creating Multi-Length Pockets

Creating Drafted Filleted Pockets

Creating Thin Solids

Creating Shafts

Creating Grooves

Creating Holes

Creating Holes on Non-planar Faces

Locating Holes

Creating Threaded Holes

Creating Ribs

Trimming Ribs and Slots

Creating Slots

Creating Stiffeners

Creating Multi-sections Solids

Creating Removed Multi-sections Solids

Creating Solid Combines

How Sketches are Located in the Specification Tree

Dress-Up Features

Creating Edge Fillets

Creating Variable Radius Fillets

Reshaping Corners

Creating Face-Face Fillets

Creating Chordal Fillets

Creating Tritangent Fillets

Creating Chamfers

Creating Basic Drafts

Creating Advanced Drafts

Creating Variable Angle Drafts

Creating Drafts with Parting Elements

Creating Drafts from Reflect Lines

Creating Shells

Creating Thicknesses

Creating Threads and Taps

Creating Remove Face Features

Creating Replace Face Features

Surface-Based Features

Creating Splits

Creating Thick Surfaces

Creating Close Surface Features

Creating Sew Surfaces

Transformation Features

Creating Translations

Creating Rotations

Creating Symmetries

Transforming Elements From an Axis to Another

Creating Mirrors

Creating Rectangular Patterns

Creating Circular Patterns

Creating User Patterns

Exploding Patterns

Creating Scalings

Transforming Geometry by Affinity

Reference Elements

Creating Points

Creating Lines

Creating Planes

Modifying Parts

Editing parts, bodies, features

Updating Parts

Deleting Features

Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements

Deleting Boolean Operations Performed within OGSs

Deactivating Elements

Reordering Features

Reordering Sketch-based Features

Setting Constraints

Setting 3D Constraints

Setting constraints

Modifying Constraints

Replacing Elements

Replacing Elements

Replacing a Body

Changing a Sketch Support

Displaying and Editing Properties

Part Properties

Bodies Properties

Features Properties

Creating Annotations

Annotation Associativity

Creating an Automatic Default Annotation

Querying 3D Annotations

Replacing geometrical elements

Handling Parts

Handling Parts in a Multi-Document Environment

Creating Technological Results

Hybrid Design

Creating Bodies (Hybrid Design)

Creating Features

Location of Operating Bodies in Boolean Operations


How to Integrate the Surface World into Solid Modeling

Graphic Properties (Hybrid Design)

Deactivating Your Hybrid Design Environment

Associating Bodies

Inserting a New Body

Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set

Managing Geometrical Sets

Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets

Inserting Features into a New Body

Assembling Bodies

Intersecting Bodies

Adding Bodies

Removing Bodies

Trimming Bodies

Remove Lump

Changing a Boolean Operation Into Another One

Editing Copy/Paste Body Link

Using Tools

Editing a List of Elements

Defining Current Objects

Scanning the Part and Defining In Work Objects

Performing a Draft Analysis

Performing a Surface Curvature Analysis

Analyzing Taps and Threads

Creating Datums

Isolating Geometric Elements

Applying a Material

Extracting Geometry

Displaying Parents and Children

Defining An Axis System

Publishing Elements

Working With a Support

Managing the Background Visualization

Measuring Elements

Measuring Between

Measuring Distances between Geometrical Entities

Customizing Measure Between

Measuring Angles

More about Measure Cursors

More about the Measure Between Dialog Box

Measuring Item

Measuring Properties

Customizing Measure Item

More about the Measure Item Dialog Box

Measuring Inertia

Measuring 2D Inertia

Exporting Measure Inertia Results

Notations Used

Inertia Equivalents

Principal Axes

Inertia Matrix with respect to the Origin O

Inertia Matrix with respect to a Point P

Inertia Matrix with respect to an Axis System

Moment of Inertia about an Axis

3D Inertia Properties of a Surface

Updating Measures

Using PowerCopies

Creating PowerCopies

Instantiating PowerCopies

Saving PowerCopies into a Catalog

Instantiating Power Copies Using Step By Step Instantiation

Instantiating Power Copies Using Part Comparison Instantiation

Instantiating a Power Copy From a VB Macro

Reusing your Design

Cutting, Copying, Pasting

Optimizing Part Design Application

Managing User-Defined Features

About User Features

About the User Feature Definition Window

Creating a User Feature

Creating a User Feature

About NLS User Features

Creating a NLS User Feature

Saving a User Feature in a Catalog

Instantiating a User Feature

Instantiating a User Feature From a Catalog, From a Document, From a Selection

Instantiating a User Feature From a VB Macro

Instantiating a User Feature Using the Knowledge Pattern

Modifying a User Feature

Debugging a User Feature

Using the Parent/Children Debug Command

Assigning a Type to a User Feature

Referencing User Features in Search Operations

User Features: Useful Tips

User Features: Limitations

Managing Part and Assembly Templates

About Part and Assembly Templates

About the Document Template Definition Window

Creating a Part Template

Creating a Document Template Containing Meta Inputs

Instantiating a Part Template

Adding an External Document to a Document Template

Instantiating a Document Template Containing Meta Inputs

Document Templates: Methodology

Document Templates: Limitations

Workbench Description

Part Design Menu Bar

Sketch-Based Features Toolbar

Dress-Up Features Toolbar

Surface-Based Features Toolbar

Transformation Features Toolbar

Reference Elements Toolbar

Boolean Operations Toolbar

Sketcher Toolbar

Constraints Toolbar

Analysis Toolbar

Annotations Toolbar

Tools Toolbar

Insert Toolbar

Measure Toolbar

Part Design Specification Tree Icons

Miscellaneous Symbols

Symbols Reflecting Incidents in the Geometry Building

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