Displaying and Editing Bodies Properties

This task shows how to display and edit bodies properties. To know how to edit the graphic properties of a body refer to the Infrastructure documentation, Displaying and Editing Graphic Properties.
To perform this scenario, for example you can open the Assemble.CATPart document.
  1. Select Body.1 in the specification tree.

  2. Select Edit >Properties or select the Properties contextual command.
    The Properties dialog box displays.

    Two tabs deal with bodies:

    • Feature Properties
    • Graphic

    The Feature Properties tab displays the body's name. This name is editable if the part is not read only. Enter Assemble1 in the Name field. The new name appears in the specification tree.
    The application also displays the date of creation and of the last modification.

  3. Click the Graphic tab to change the color of the body. 

    The graphic properties available for editing are:
    • Fill Color (colors the current object) and Transparency
    • Edge Color, Line type and Thickness
    • Global Properties

    To have details about how to change graphic properties, refer to Infrastructure User's Guide.

Before applying a color to a body, remember that:
  • The features you create within a body take on the color of this body, whatever it is.
  • When applying a color to a feature, all the faces of this feature take on this color.
  • The color you apply to a face prevails over the other colors defined for features and bodies.

These three rules apply when associating bodies.

  • The faces generated by any transformation take on the color of the body, as shown in the following example.

    The body is composed of a pink pad and of a yellow pocket


    Both faces the pattern has generated, i.e. the front face and the cylindrical face take on the color of the body which was the application default color.

  1. Click OK.
    The application takes these modifications into account and displays the new body name.

Technical information about bodies, such as mass, is not available. The application provides this type of information for the part. For more details, refer to Displaying and Editing the Part Properties.