Creating Datums

This task shows how to create geometry with the History mode deactivated.
 In this case, when you create an element, there are no links to the other entities that were used to create that element.
  1. Click Create Datum to deactivate the History mode.

    • It will remain activated until you click on the icon again.
    • If you double-click this icon, the Datum mode is permanent. You only have to click again the icon to deactivate the mode.
    • A click on the icon activates the Datum mode for the current or the next command.
    • The History mode (active or inactive) will remain fixed from one session to another: it is in fact a setting.
    • You cannot activate both Repeat and Datum modes at the same
      time. For instance, if you want to perform a translation using both
      modes, first create the repeated instances then transform them
      into datum features.