Part Design Menu Bar

This section presents the main menu bar tools and commands dedicated to Part Design.

Start File Edit View Insert Tools Windows Help


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Update Updating Parts




Cutting, Copying, Pasting

Paste Special... Handling Parts in a Multi-Document Environment

Specification Tree

Delete Deleting Features
Properties Displaying and Editing Properties
Scan or Define in Work Object... Scanning a Part and Defining in Work Objects
XXX object... Redefining Feature Parameters

Displaying and Editing Properties

Reordering Features


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Body Inserting a New Body
Body in a Set... Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set
Geometrical Set... Inserting a Geometrical Set
Ordered Geometrical Set... Inserting an Ordered Geometrical Set
Insert in new body Inserting Features into a New Body
Annotations Creating Annotations
Constraints Setting Constraints
Sketcher... Sketcher User's Guide
Axis System... Defining an Axis System
Sketch-Based Features Sketch-Based Features
Dress-Up Features Dress-Up Features
  Surface-Based Features Surface-Based Features
  Transformation Features Transformation Features
  Boolean Operations Associating Bodies
  Advanced Dress-Up Features Creating Advanced Drafts
Knowledge Templates PowerCopy

Managing User Features (UDFs) 

Managing Part and Assembly Templates   

Instantiate From Document... Instantiating PowerCopies 


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Parent/Children Displaying Parents and Children
Delete Useless Elements... Deleting Useless or Unreferenced Elements
Options... Customizing
Publication... Publishing Elements