Editing a List of Elements

This task shows you how to edit a list of elements within any command allowing multi-selection for input elements, when the list is not already explicitly available from the dialog box.
To see an example of this capability, open the VariableRadiusFillet1.CATPart document.
  1. Click Variable Radius Fillet .

  1. Select any edge for filleting.
    The application detects both vertices and displays them as 2 elements in the Points field.

  2. Click the icon to display the Point Elements dialog box.

    This dialog box allows you to:

    • view the selected elements
    • remove any element clicking the Remove button
    • replace any element using the Replace button and selecting a new one in the geometry or the specification tree.
  1. Select two additional points on the edge.
    The Point Elements dialog box now displays four points.

  2. Select PointOnEdge.2 from the list and click the Remove button.
    The point is removed from the list.

  3. Select PointOnEdge.3 from the list and click the Replace button.

  4. Select a new point on the edge: PointOnEdge.3 has been replaced with PointOnEdge.5.

  5. Click Close in the Element list dialog box to return to the initial command: Variable Radius Fillet in this case. The Variable Radius Fillet dialog box is updated accordingly: only 3 elements are identified as being selected.