Referenced Geometry Symbols

 Referenced Geometry

Geometry copied from a document different from the CATPart document in which it is pasted.
Initial geometry has undertaken modifications in the original CATPart document: solid to be synchronized.
Initial geometry has been deleted in the original CATPart document or the original CATPart document has not been found
Pointed document found but not loaded (use the Load contextual command or the Edit > Links command)
External link deactivated so that geometry cannot be synchronized during the update of the part (even if the option "Synchronize all external references for update" is on).
Geometry pasted (using the As Result with Link option) within the same CATPart document from which it is has been copied
Point referenced in the CATPart document is a published element.
Sketch referenced in the CATPart document is a published element which has undertaken modifications so that a synchronization is required.