Changing a Boolean Operation into Another One    

This task shows you how to quickly change a Boolean operation into another one. This capability applies to all Boolean operations (Add, Assemble, Remove and even Union Trim) except for Intersect.

This largely increases your productivity, since it is no longer necessary to restructure your design from scratch.

Open the Intersect.CATPart document.
  1. The initial part is composed of three bodies. Assemble Body.1 to Part Body.

  1. Remove Body.2 from Assemble.1.
    You obtain Remove.1:

  2. Fillet Pad.3 's top edge.

  3. Select Remove.1 and right-click Remove.1 object > Change to Assemble..
    The  Change to Add...contextual command is available too.

    You obtain Assemble.2. Note that the fillet is still defined on Pad.3's top edge.

  4. Select Assemble.2 and right-click Assemble.2 object > Change to Union Trim...
    The  Change to Add... and Change to Remove...contextual menu items are available too.

  5. Click OK.
    You obtain Trim.1:

  6. Double-click Trim.1 and select the cylinder's top face as the face to keep. You obtain this part :