Extracting Geometry 

The Extract capability lets you generate separate elements from initial geometry, without deleting geometry. This operation may be especially useful to solve drafting difficulties, as illustrated below.
The angle value used for drafting the face generates a twisted face. The application then informs you via an error message window that the operation cannot be properly performed.

  Closing the error message window displays a new dialog box providing with a solution: you can deactivate the draft and extract its geometry.

After clicking Yes to confirm these operations, Draft.1 appears as deactivated in the specification tree. A node Extracted Geometry (Draft.1) is displayed in the tree too. This category includes the elements created by the application, namely two surfaces.

You then just have to fillet these surfaces (for more information, refer to Generative Shape Design User's Guide) and use Thick Surface, Split and Add capabilities available in Part Design workbench to complete the draft.