Analyzing Taps and Threads  

This task shows you how to display and filter out information about threads and taps contained in a CATPart document.
Open the ThreadAnalysis.CATPart document.
  1. Click the Tap/Thread Analysis icon .
    The Thread/Tap Analysis dialog box is displayed, providing display options already checked by default:

    • Show symbolic geometry: shows the representations of the threads and taps in the geometry area. The representation's color can be customized via the Tools > Options > General (Display) command (you just need to access the Visualization tab and the Selected elements option).
    • Show numerical value: shows three values defined for threads and taps as follows: diameter x depth x pitch

    The dialog box also displays the total number of threads and taps contained in your document. Two threads and one tap have been detected, as indicated in the Numerical Analysis frame.

  2. Click Apply to display the representations and the values of the threads and tap contained in the document.
    The representations and the values (diameter x depth x pitch) are displayed in orange and yellow respectively:

    Unchecking Show symbolic geometry lets you display numerical values only. In the same way, unchecking Show numerical values lets you display representations only.

  3.  Click More to access display filters.

  4. By default, the Show thread and Show tap options are on. Uncheck Show thread to display taps only.

  5. Click Apply to run the analysis.
    Only one tap has been detected and is therefore displayed:

  6. Check Show thread again to continue the scenario.

  7. Check the option Diameter and enter 70 as the diameter value in the Value field.

  8. Click Apply.
    The application displays only one thread with 70 as diameter value.

  9.   Click Close when done.