Cutting, Copying and Pasting

The steps below describe how to cut and paste or how to copy and paste Part Design features. 

We recommend you to use these commands when you do not need to re-specify the features you paste or if you do so, these features should not require too many specifications. Basically, you should use these commands for simple features.

  1. Select the element you want to cut or copy.


    To cut, you can either:

    • click Cut
    • select Edit>Cut
    • right-click and select Cut, or
    • in the geometry area or the specification tree, drag the selection (although not a graphical cut, this is equivalent to the cut operation).

    This places what you cut in the clipboard.


    To copy, you can either:

    • click Copy  
    • select Edit > Copy
    • right-click and select Copy, or
    • in the geometry area or the specification tree, press and hold down the Ctrl key and drag the selection.

    This places what you copy in the clipboard.


    To paste, you can either:

    • click the Paste  
    • select Edit > Paste
    • right-click and select Paste , or
    • in the geometry area or the specification tree, drop what you are dragging (see above).
Dragging and dropping objects (features or bodies) onto objects (features or bodies) is a quick way to copy objects too. Note however, that the Enable Drag-Drop option must be on to use the capability.

In the example below, the second body is a copy of  Part Body. The user just modified the profile.


Copying/Pasting Boolean Operations

To copy/paste Boolean Operations, you need to select the operation node as well as the operated body. For more about Boolean Operations, refer to Associating Bodies.