About User Features

See the Quick Reference topic for a comprehensive list of the interactions that can be carried out on User Features. 

The UserFeature command can be accessed by selecting the Insert > UserFeature command from the following workbenches:

  • Part Design

  • Generative Shape Design

  • Functional Molded Part

and by clicking the Create a User Feature icon () from the Product Knowledge Template workbench.

A User Feature is a template that works at the part level. From a collection of features (geometry, literals, formulas, constraints, etc.), you can create your own feature. The result is a Part Design feature or a Shape Design feature that can be reused in the design of another part. The created feature can be saved in a catalog. 

A User Feature:

  • Allows you to create applicative features
  • Allows you to hide design specifications and preserve confidentiality (for instance to sub-contractors)

User Features (like a line for Drafting or a check for Knowledge Advisor) are open and shareable objects. This capability significantly increases the potential application of User Features because it enables you to:

  • Find User Features by attributes.
  • Generate User Features with the Scripting language to simplify the process of creating scripts .
  • Define expert rules working on User Features with Knowledge Expert. For more information, see Knowledge Expert User's Guide.
  • Use User Features in Knowledge Advisor reactions.
  • Develop CAA functions based on user-defined variables.