Exporting Measure Inertia Results

This task shows you how to export both 3D and 2D inertia results to a text file.

Insert the Body1.cgr and the Body2.cgr documents.

They are to be found in the online documentation file tree in the common functionalities samples folder cfysm/samples

  1. Select the root product and click the Measure Inertia icon. The dialog box expands to display the results for the selected item.

  2. Click Export to write the results to a text (*.txt) file.

    Results shown in the Measure Inertia dialog box only are exported. Exported results are given in current units. 

  3. Identify the file name and location in the Export Results dialog box that appears, then click Save.


    • The examples given below concern 3D inertia results.

     If an assembly comprises sub-products or a part comprises part bodies, individual results for all sub-products or part bodies are also exported and written to the text file.

  4. If the principal axes A are exported, bounding box values are also exported.

    where BBOx,y,z defines the origin and BBLx,y,z the length along the corresponding axis.

    Note: When importing the text file into an Excel spreadsheet, do not forget to identify the pipe character (|) used as separator in the Text Import Wizard dialog box.