Using the Parent/Children Debug Command

This task shows how to use the Parent/Children command available in the User Feature instance node contextual sub-menu.
The Parent/Children Debug command is available on any User Feature instance feature that displays its internal features. This command is not available if the User Feature instance is in Black Box Protected mode.

This command asks you to select an internal feature on which the Parent/Children command is launched. You can:

  • Click OK to stay in the Parent/Children debug command of the User Feature instance. You are prompted to choose another internal feature to display its Parent/Children graph.
  • Use any contextual menu on any feature node displayed in the Parent and Children graph window to navigate inside the relation graph.
  • Click Cancel to exit the Parent/Children debug command and return to the Select command.
  1. Tile the window vertically.

  2. Select one of the User Features in the PktcreatedUDF.CATPart file (Pad2 in this example).

  3. Double-click it and select the Properties tab in the User Feature definition window. Set the Instantiation mode to Black Box and click OK. Click Pad.2.

  4. In the PktForInstantiation.CATPart file, select Instantiate from Selection (). The Insert Object dialog box is displayed.

  5. Select 2 points and the extract in the geometry and click OK. The pad is instantiated.

  6. Select the instantiated pad and click UDF Debug (). The Pad.2 node is expanded.

  7. Right-click the instantiated pad and select the Pad.2 object->Parent/Children Debug command.

  8. Select one of the pad components. The Parents and Children window is displayed.

  9. Right-click the component in the Parents and Children window and select Show Parents and Children. Click OK to select other internals or Cancel to exit the command.