Measuring Between       ()

The Measure Between command lets you measure distance between geometrical entities.
You can measure:

  • Minimum distance and, if applicable angles, between points, surfaces, edges, vertices and entire products

  • Maximum distance between two surfaces, two volumes or a surface and a volume.


This section deals with the following topics:

 Measure Between and 3D XML

3D XML format is supported, which means you can:

  • open and/or insert a 3D XML document containing measure between results.

  • save as in 3D XML format a product containing measure between results.


  • The text properties (i.e. Color, Font and size) for the
    Measure Between in 3D XML will not be retrieved when saving in 3D XML.
  • The angle measured is not exported in 3D XML
  • Associativity is not retrieved in 3D XML, when reopening the 3D XML file, the re-created measure between is broken and thus non associative. Its icon in the specification tree is the one of the non-associative measures.
  • When opening a 3DXML file note that the maximum distance between A and B and/or B and A measures are not retrieved with the correct value, i.e. the value is null. This limitation exists because exact geometry is required to retrieve maximum distance measures but the 3D XML only contains tesselated geometry.

 Refer to 3D XML section in Customizing Settings in the Infrastructure User's Guide for detailed information.


  • Neither Visualization Mode nor cgr files permit selection of individual vertices.

  • In the No Show space, the Measure Between command is not accessible.

  • Measures performed on sheet metal features provide wrong results. In unfolded view, volume elements are not taken into account when measuring Part Bodies.

  • Measures are not associative when switching between folded view and unfolded view (using the Fold/Unfold icon in the Sheet Metal toolbar).

  • When measuring in exact mode, bodies are not taken into account inside a Part (PartBody, Openbody).