Updating Measures

If you modify a part in a part document, or modify, move, delete, etc. a part in a product document and the measure is impacted, it will be identified as not up-to-date in the specification tree.

This section deals with:

Design Mode measures and, in Visualization Mode, measures on products selected in the specification tree only are associative.

Using Local Update

Open the AssociativeMeasures.CATPart from the cfysm/samples folder.

In ENOVIA DMU, insert the CATPart.
This step-by-step scenario consists in updating a Measure Item measure following  a modification in part radius

  1. Measure the properties of a part. Click the Measure item icon

  2. Select the Keep Measure check box in the Measure dialog box to keep measures as features in the specification tree. The Keep Measure option is available in the Measure Between, Measure Item and Measure Inertia commands.

  3. Modify the part, for example decrease the value of the radius.

    Note: You cannot modify parts in ENOVIA DMU, move the part instead. 

    The measure icon in the specification tree changes to indicate that the measure is not up-to-date and requires updating.

  4. Update the measure. The measure is updated to reflect modifications to the part.


    • In Measure Between and Measure Item commands, moving the cursor over the measure in the geometry area or the specification tree dynamically highlights all related items in both the geometry area and specification tree.

    • In a part document, you can update either an individual measure or the Measure entry. To do so, right-click in the specification tree and select Local update from the contextual menu

    • Selecting the Measure entry in the specification tree lets you update all measures needing updating in one go.

    • In a product document, right-click the measure and select Measure object > Measure Update from the contextual menu.

    • If the measure is considered up-to-date, a Force Measure Update entry appears instead in the contextual menu. The Force Measure Update command is also available in the DMU scene context.

Automatic Update

To have your measures updated automatically in a part or a product document, select the appropriate check box in Tools > Options > General > Parameters and Measure, Measure Tools tab.

By default, these check boxes are cleared.


In a part document, you must also select the Automatic Update option button in
Tools > Options > Infrastructure > Part Infrastructure > General.

In a product document, if you edit a part, any measures will be automatically updated when you activate the product.

When you open a product document, measures are not automatically updated even if the Automatic update in product check box is selected  in Tools > Options > Parameters and Measure, Measure  Tools tab.

For example, if you save a document in which measures are not up-to-date and then re-open the document, measures remain in the not up-to-date status even if you selected the automatic update check box in Tools > Options.

Step-by-Step Scenario

  • Select Automatic Update in product check box in Tools > Options > Parameters and Measure > Measure Tools.

The measure is to be updated, a tornado is displayed.

  • Activate a product in the specification tree

The measure update operation is launched. The tornado is no longer displayed.

  • When done, close your product without saving changes.


  • The update works on associative measures only. (For instance, in visualization mode, only when product only option is selected)

  • In Part context, you cannot update measures when geometry is modified, you must switch to Product context to update measures

In a part, Measure Between, Measure Item and Measure Inertia measures are now integrated into the Part Design Update mechanism.

An Update Diagnosis message is displayed if during Part update operation, a related-measure problem is identified.
This message lets you solve the problem editing or deleting the measure

  • After the measure modification, if the Automatic option button is selected in Tools > Options >Infrastructure > Part infrastructure > General, the whole part is updated.

  • For more detailed information, read Updating Parts section in Part Design User's Guide

Invalid Measures

Measures are no longer valid if links are not resolved. This happens if:

  • You delete an item on which a measure is made

  • You switch to visualization mode or open a document in visualization mode.
    For example, your measure is made on a face in design mode, you save the document and then re-open it in visualization mode.

Measures that are no longer valid are identified in the specification tree by the measure icon plus an exclamation mark, for example and, for Measure Between and Measure Item measures, the measure itself changes color.

Deleting Measures

In a part document, Measure Between, Measure Item and Measure Inertia measures are integrated into the parent-child mechanism. If you delete items on which measures are made, the Delete dialog box appears letting you delete measures at the same time. Associated measures are highlighted in the specification tree.

Similarly, if you delete measures, the Delete dialog box lets you delete the measured items provided they are exclusively used for the measures (Delete exclusive parents option).


In a product document, measures are not integrated into the product Delete mechanism. When you delete a product on which a measure is made, the measure is no longer valid and links to the geometry are also deleted.


  • Measures made prior to Version 5 Release 6 are not associative and therefore cannot be updated. These measures are identified in the specification tree by the measure icon plus a lock, for example .

  • Visualization Mode measures and measures on cgr files made in the geometry area are not associative and therefore cannot be updated. These measures are identified as above: .
    Only products selected in the specification tree in Visualization Mode can be updated.

  • Measures made in Picking point, Picking axis, Intersection and Center of 3 points selection modes are not associative.

  • Inertia measures made on a multiple selection of items are not associative.

  • In the Drafting, Generative Structural Analysis and Advanced Meshing Tools workbenches, measures are done on-the-fly and are not persistent. This means that they are not associative.

  • Measure does not support update management with VPM V4.

  • Measures loaded from VPM V4 can be not up to date, if this is the case, use the Force measure update from the contextual menu accessible via a right-click on measure container in the specification tree.

  • In Mechanical workbenches, the Measure command behaves as other Mechanical operators, and it cannot be dynamically updated.