Using Powercopies

A PowerCopy is a set of features (geometric elements, formulas, constraints and so forth) that are grouped in order to be used in a different context, and presenting the ability to be re-specified according to the context when pasted.
This PowerCopy captures the design intent and know-how of the designer thus enabling greater reusability and efficiency.

This chapter includes the following tasks:

Create Powercopies: Select Insert >Knowledge Templates > PowerCopy..., the elements making up the Powercopy from the specification tree, define a name for the Powercopy and its reference elements then choose an icon for identifying it.
  • Instantiate Powercopies: Select Insert > Instantiate From Document..., select the document or catalog containing the  powercopy, complete the Inputs within the dialog box selecting adequate elements in the geometric area.
Save Powercopies into a Catalog: Select the Powercopy from the specification tree, the Insert > Knowledge Templates  > Save In Catalog... , enter the catalog name and click Open.