A certain number of settings is available to let you customize your Part Design workbench.

The customization you perform is stored in permanent setting files, meaning that these settings are not lost when you end your session.

To access them, proceed as follows:

  1. Select Tools > Options.
    The Options dialog box displays.

  2. From the Infrastructure category, select the Part Infrastructure sub-category in the left-hand box.
    The General, Display and Part Document tabs appear.

    The General tab provides options dealing with:

    The Display tab provides option dealing with:

    The Part Document tab provides option dealing with:

    Any modifications made to the Part Infrastructure settings can now be recorded in a Visual Basic file using Tools>Macro>Start Recording.  See Recording, Running and Editing Macros in the Infrastructure User's Guide for details about running macros. Additionally, you can launch a dedicated Visual Basic macro in order to set parameters for Part infrastructure.

  1. To access settings about annotations, select the 3D Annotations Infrastructure category.

Click the tabs of interest.

  1. Change these options according to your needs.

  2. Click OK when done to validate your settings.