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Getting Started

Entering the Workbench

Creating a First Surface

Editing the Surface

Creating a Second Surface

Creating a Blend Between Surfaces

Applying a Global Deformation

Basic Tasks

Using Control Points

Selecting Control Points

Editing Control Points

Editing Geometry Orders

Using Control Points Support

Using Control Points Diffusion Laws

Using Control Points Cross Diffusion Laws

Harmonizing the Control Points

Smoothing Surfaces

Smoothing Curves

Symmetrizing the Control Points

Projecting the Control Points

Creating Delta Analysis

Opening a New CATPart Document

Importing and Exporting Files

Creating and Managing Curves

Creating Associative 3D Curves

Creating Associative 3D Curves on a Scan

Creating Associative 3D Curves on a Cloud of Points

Creating Associative Isoparametric Curves

Creating Curves on Surface

Projecting Curves

Creating Blend Curves

Styling Corners

Matching Curves

Extrapolating Curves

Extending Curves

Breaking Curves

Concatenating Curves

Fragmenting Curves

Approximating/Segmenting Procedural Curves

Creating and Managing Surfaces

Manipulating Surfaces Using the Compass

Rotating Surfaces Using the Compass

Creating Planar Surfaces

Creating 3-Point Surfaces

Creating 4-Point Surfaces

Creating a Surface on an Existing Surface

Extruding Surfaces

Creating Revolution Surfaces

Offsetting Surfaces

Extrapolating Surfaces

Creating Blend Surfaces

Styling a Fillet

Creating Filling Surfaces

Creating Associative Filling Surfaces

Performing a Symmetry on Geometry

Editing a Surface Boundary

Using Manipulators

Matching Surfaces

Multi-Side Matching

Extending Surfaces

Breaking Surfaces

Restoring a Surface

Concatenating Surfaces

Fragmenting Surfaces

Disassembling Elements

Approximating Procedural Surfaces

Copying Geometric Parameters

Creating a Matching Constraint

Analyzing Curves and Surfaces

Performing a Curvature Analysis

Analyzing Distances Between Two Sets of Elements

Using Dynamic Cutting Planes

Analyzing Using Highlight Lines

Performing a Surface Curvature Analysis

Performing a Draft Analysis

Mapping an Environment on a Surface

Analyzing Using Isophotes

Analyzing Using Highlights

Manipulating Light Sources

Connect Checker

Checking Connections Between Surfaces

Checking Connections Between Curves

Checking Connections Between Curves and Surfaces


Generic Tools

Setting Dress-Up Options

Displaying Geometric Information on Elements

Displaying a Part Symmetrically

Managing the Compass

Defining An Axis System

Working with a 3D Support

Using the Stretch View Analysis Tool

Manipulating Views

Defining Views

Analyzing Using Parameterization

Selecting a Support

Editing and Keeping a Point

Selecting Using Multi-Output

Creating Masks

Dashboard Tools

Creating Datums

Keeping the Initial Element

Inserting in a New Geometrical Set

Creating a Temporary Analysis


Setting the Manipulators Attenuation Factor

Displaying Continuities On Elements

Displaying Contact Points On Elements

Displaying Tensions On Elements

Displaying U and V Orders On Elements

Displaying Control Points Temporarily

Advanced Tasks

Using FreeStyle Optimizer

Fitting a Curve to a Cloud of Points

Fitting a Surface to a Cloud of Points

Globally Deforming Surfaces

Analyzing Reflect Curves

Creating Inflection Lines

Interoperability Between the FreeStyle Shaper and Optimizer

Creating Four-Points Patches

Deforming the Surface Limits

Fitting the Surface to a Cloud of Points

Analyzing the Surface

Smoothing the Surface

Using FreeStyle Profiler

Creating a Net Surface

Creating a Styling Sweep

Managing Geometrical Sets and Ordered Geometrical Sets

Inserting Geometrical Sets

Managing Geometrical Sets

Managing Ordered Geometrical Sets

Hiding/Showing Geometrical Features Sets and Their Contents

Interoperability with Part Design

Creating a Sketch and a Pad

Creating a Surface

Splitting the Pad

Modifying the Splitting Surface

Interoperability with Wireframe

Creating Points

Creating Lines

Creating Planes

Creating Circles

Inserting Bodies

Inserting a New Body

Inserting a Body into an Ordered Geometrical Set


Optimal CATIA PLM Usability for FreeStyle

Workbench Description

Menu Bar

Generic Tools Toolbar

Shape Analysis Toolbar

FreeStyle Constraints Toolbar

View Manipulation Toolbar

Shape Modification Toolbar

Surface Creation Toolbar

Curve Creation Toolbar

Operations Toolbar

Toos Dashboard

Selection Toolbar

Wireframe Toolbar

Specification Tree


Customizing Settings for Freestyle




Freestyle Commands in Other Workbenches

Reference Information

Texture Mapping Analysis