The Auto-detection tool enable you to perform a remote point selection which is especially useful for selecting on the fly point on geometry.
This is also useful to position the compass at a specific location on an element, to define the local axis-system.
  1. Choose one of the four detection types from the FreeStyle Dashboard:
    • Snap On Vertex to detect the closest corner of the selected element.
    •  Snap On Edge to detect the closest border (edge) of the selected element.
    •  Snap On Cpt to detect the closest control point on the selected element.
    •  Snap On Segment to detect the the closest segment of the selected element
    You can change the current detection type to the next by clicking the icon.

  2. Move the pointer close to the geometric element you wish to snap to.

    The specified element (corner, border, control point or segment) is automatically detected and selected.
    When checking  the Search Dressing option from the Tools > Options > Shape > FreeStyle tab, and the Snap On Cpt icon the system automatically displays the control points on the geometry detected below the pointer, provided a command is running.
    If this Search Dressing option has not been checked, yet the Snap On Cpt option is active, the auto-detection still is available, but the control points are not displayed.
    Use the Shift key to activate/deactivate temporarily the auto-detection capability on the point you are currently trying to snap, or not, to another element.