Harmonizing the Control Points

When using the Control Points capability, you need to harmonize the control points organization over the surface.
The Harmonize capability computes the harmonization of the control points according to the following harmonization options:
  • Blend: aligns the internal control points imposed by the external control point rows. It creates a smooth transition between each control point row.
    Using this option, internal control points are no more manipulated, as their position is imposed by external ones.
  • Mean plane: computes a mean plane defined by three points: the first point of the current manipulated row, the end point of this latter, and the barycenter of all the points of this row. If all the control points of the row are not already coplanar, they are projected onto this mean plane. This plane is automatically recomputed each time a control point is moved.
  • 3-Points plane: this option is similar to the Mean plane option, but the mean plane is computed using current manipulated point, instead of barycenter. As a result, as soon as the row is projected onto this plane, the point is constrained to move along the direction defined by the intersection of the plane containing its U row, and the one containing its V row.
Open the FreeStyle_Part_38.CATPart document.
  1. Click the Control Points icon:

  2. Select Surface.1.

  3. Click the Harmonize icon:
    The control points have been harmonized according to the selected law. This makes the resulting mesh more uniform.

  4. Click OK to validate the modifications and close the dialog box.