Checking Connections Between Curves and Surfaces

This task shows how to analyze the connection between a curve's extremity and its projection, following a blend, match, or fill operation. 

Open the FSS_CCK_Surface_Curve01.CATPart document.

  1. Select both the curve and the surface to be analyzed.

  1. Click the Connect Checker icon and Projection option in the Connect Checker analysis dashboard.


The Connect Checker dialog box is displayed as well as another dialog box showing the color scale and identifying the maximum and minimum values for the analysis type.

There's no Boundary  mode available for Surface-Curve connection.


The Auto Min Max button enables to automatically update the minimum and maximum values (and consequently all values between) each time they are modified.

  1. Select either of the options: G0, G1 or G2. You can choose the type of analysis to be performed using the combination: G0, G1, G2, or G3. The G3 and Overlap options are not available in Projection for the Curve-Curve option.

  1. Set the Maximum gap above which no analysis will be performed. All elements apart from a greater value than specified in this field are considered as not being connected, therefore do not need to be analyzed.
    Be careful not to set a Maximum gap greater than the size of the smallest surface present in the document.

  2. Set the Minimum Gap To get connection between two input elements, the gap between those two elements must be greater than or equal to Minimum Gap.

  1. Check the analysis results on the geometry. The subsequent sections show the result of connecting a curve and a surface with a combination between G0, G1 or G2 and Projection.

G0 Continuity


G1 Continuity


G2 Continuity