Creating a Temporary Analysis

This task shows how to create a temporary analysis during the creation process of a feature.

This command is only available with the 3D curve, Fill, Net and Sweep commands.

Open a new CATPart document.

  1. Click the 3D Curve icon:


The 3D curve dialog box is displayed.

  1. Choose the Through points type.

  1. Select the points.

  1. Click the Temporary Analysis mode icon:

  1. Select the analysis of your choice in the Shape Analysis toolbar. In our example, we chose the Porcupine Curvature Analysis.

  1. Click OK in the Curvature Analysis dialog box.

  1. Select another point in the 3D curve command. The temporary analysis is updated accordingly.


You must activate the temporary analysis mode before running any analysis. Otherwise, a persistent FreeStyle analysis will be performed.


The Temporary Analysis node is displayed in the specification tree and the associated analysis (here Curvature Analysis.1) appears below.


The analysis is not persistent. Thus when you click OK in the 3D curve dialog box to create the curve, the Temporary Analysis node disappears from the specification tree.

  • You can perform several analyses while in the Temporary Analysis commands: all of them will appear in the specification tree under the Free Form Analysis node.

  • While in the Fill, Net or Sweep command, you can perform a Connect Checker or a Distance analysis: the surface to be analyzed is automatically selected, as well as all surfaces that share at least one border with it. Once you exit the creation command, the analysis disappears.