Keeping the Initial Element

This task shows you how to retain an element on which you are performing an operation. When this command is active, as soon as you perform an action in which you create or modify geometry, in fact, you are working on a copy of the initial element.

Open the FreeStyle_Part_39.CATPart document.

  1. Select the surfaces and click the Offset icon:

The Offset dialog box appears. The offset surface is automatically visualized as a meshed surface.

  1. Click the Keep Original icon:

  1. Click OK in the current command.


The initial element remains unchanged and a new element is created.

  • When the Keep original option is not selected, the initial element is replaced by the new element.

  • When the initial element is referenced by another element, it is always kept, and the new element is created, even if the Keep original option is not selected.

The Keep original icon remains active once you click OK, providing it was active while performing the command (and vice-versa).