Setting Dress-Up Options

This task shows you how to display or hide permanent control points and curve/surface segments for analyses purposes.

Open the FreeStyle_14.CATPart document.

  1. Click the Apply Dress-Up icon:


The Dress-Up Options dialog box is displayed.

  1. Set the type of visualization you want to apply to geometric elements.


You can choose:

  • To display control points or not.

  • The control points type.

  • To display segments or no.

  1. Select the element on which you wish to display the control points.

  The isoparametric curves displayed on each patches are not pickable.
  1. Click Apply.


The control points and mesh lines are displayed on the selected element.

  1. Activate the Segmentation option, uncheck the Control Points, then click Apply.


Contextual options

  • When selecting an arc limit of a curve:
    It enables you to either keep the arc limit you right-clicked or all the arc's limits.

    • Keep this arc limit: a 3D point appears in datum mode in the specification tree.

    • Keep all arc's limits: all the 3D points used to create the 3D curve appear in datum mode in the specification tree.

  • When selecting the patches limits of a surface:

    • Keep all patches limits: all the 3D curves used to create the patch limit appear in datum mode in the specification tree. Only patches limits are created. Therefore patches limits do not necessarily correspond to surfaces limits (in the case of trimmed surfaces for instance).


If you wish to create the 3D points or curves in a new geometrical set instead of the current geometrical set, click the Insert In a New Geometrical Set  icon from the Tools Dashboard of the FreeStyle workbench. As the 3D points and curves are created in a private body, its content cannot be modified: you cannot delete or add elements.
As long as the icon is active, a new geometrical set is created each time you run the Apply Dress-Up command.

  1. Click OK.


The visualization options are as defined by the user and remain on the selected elements till you click the Remove Dress-Up icon , or till you modify them using the Dress-Up Options dialog box again.

The control points type is applied globally to the document, meaning that you can apply different options to several elements, but if you save, close then open the document again, the options defined last will be applied to all the elements on which visualization options have been set.

  • No modification is possible on the control points, as opposed to using the Control Points icon as described in Editing Control Points.

  • Multi-selection applies with these display capabilities:

Capabilities available from the Tools Dashboard are datum creation and insert in a new geometrical set.