Creating a First Surface

The first task will show you how to create a single-patch planar surface in the current plane.

  1. Select the Planar patch icon

  1. Right-click in the document and choose the Edit Orders item from the contextual menu.

You can now define the degree of the mono-patch surface along U and V from the Orders dialog box.

  1. Set U order to 5.

  1. Click Close when finished defining these parameters.

  1. Click anywhere in the workbench, and drag the mouse.


A surface outline appears as you drag the pointer, one of its corner located where you clicked in the document.
Two values are displayed on the outline, indicating the length and width of the patch.

Use the Ctrl-click capability if you want the middle of the patch to be centered on the axis origin, that is centered around the point you clicked.

  1. When you have reached the adequate size, click again.


The corresponding surface is created.