Editing and Keeping a Point

This task shows you how to edit a point and keep it at its location.

  1. Move the pointer to a point (control point, contact point or limit point for example), right-click to display the contextual menu.

  1. Choose the Edit item. 


The Tuner dialog box is displayed, letting you specify the exact position of the point in space and define a step value by which a control point/mesh line moves (Step field).

Once the value has been defined in the Tuner dialog box, press and hold the Shift key then click one of the manipulator's arrow to move the selected point by the defined step value.


Checking the Relative option enables you to display the relative mode and specify the relative position of the point depending on its origin as shown in the model.

This option is not available for all functionalities.

  1. Choose the Keep this point item to create a point at this location.
    A Point.xxx appears in the specification tree.
    You can create a Point.xxx either on each control point or on the selected control points.

  • Negative values are allowed.

  • This contextual menu is available each time manipulators are displayed in the geometry.