Analyzing Using Parameterization

This task enables to analyze the CATPart structure and shows how to isolate specific features within a part. This is particularly useful when managing power copies, for example.

Open the Parameterization1.CATPart document.

  1. Select Tools  > Parameterization Analysis... from the menu bar.

    The Parameterization Analysis dialog box opens.
  2. Use the Filter combo and choose to display Root Features.

    The query is launched and the viewer automatically updates.
    Deactivated features as well as datum features are displayed.
    However, if you want to display deactivated features only, select the Inactivated Features filter. Similarly, select the Isolated Features filter to display the datum features.
  3. Click Displays body structure to display the graph keeping the tree structure.

    Each feature is displayed within its own body.
    Available filters are:
    • All Sketches
    • Over-constrained sketches
    • Fully-constrained sketches
    • Under-constrained sketches
    • Inconsistent sketches
    • External references
    • Inactivated features
    • Root features
    • Leaf features
    • Isolated features
    • Features in error
    • Waiting for update features
    • Features with stop update
    • Features with active stop update
    • Knowledge formulas, Rules, and Checks
    • Bodies
    • Features displayed in the viewer can be used in the same way as in the specification tree: double-click a feature to edit it, or use the contextual menu to reframe on or display its properties, for example.
    • The viewer can still be open while performing other operations.
    • For further information about sketches, refer to the Analyzing and Resolving Over-Constrained or Inconsistent Sketches chapter in the Sketcher documentation.
      For further information about Isolated features, refer to the Isolating Geometric Elements chapter.
      For further information about Features with stop update and active stop update, refer to the Updating Parts chapter.
      For further information about knowledge formulas, refer to the Knowledge Advisor documentation.
      For further information about Bodies, refer to the Part Design documentation.