Smoothing The Surface

This task explains how to further smooth the surface onto the cloud of points following the distance and reflect line analyses.

The RoofStart.CATPart document still is open from the previous task, and you need to display the distance analysis again, using the Show/Hide contextual menu.
  1. Choose the Tools > Options menu item, Shape > FreeStyle tab, set the attenuation value to 0.01 and click OK.

  2. Select  the roof surface and click the Control Points icon:
    The Control Points dialog box appears:

  3. Click the Local Normals icon:

  4. Click the Constant Law icon:

  5. Right-click the Symmetry Plane selection field and select the ZX Plane from the contextual menu.

  6. Double-click the Symmetry icon to lock the functionality.

  7. From the Dashboard, click the U, V Orders icon:

  8. Set the order numbers to Nu=5 and Nv=7 using the contextual menu, to increase the number of mesh lines in U and V respectively.
    This brings more flexibility in terms of modifications.

  9. Decrease the deformation step to 0.75mm in the Dashboard toolbar.

  10. Right-click the mesh and select the Freeze command from the contextual menu, to avoid selecting points from the cloud.

  11. Select the central U mesh line and move it till you display green points instead of red points.
    You may also need to decrease the step and attenuation values and the number in U and V to reach a smoothed surface, i.e. displaying mostly green points, that is lying between -0.15mm and 0.15 mm from the cloud of points.