Displaying U and V Orders On Elements

This task shows you how to display U and V orders on elements and how to modify their values. For curves, only the order along U is displayed.
Three other types of manipulators can be displayed on a given element, whether the selected or the resulting element:
These manipulators are displayed either by using the Dashboard (P2 only) as illustrated in this task, or by checking the adequate option in Tools > Options > Shape > FreeStyle. Once they are displayed, their behavior is identical regardless of the chosen interface style.

Open the FreeStyle_Part_41.CATPart document.

  1. Click the Match Surface icon and select the two edges to be matched (see Matching Surfaces).

  1. Click the U, V Orders icon from the Dashboard.


Numbers are displayed on the geometry, indicating the order number of the element along the U and V directions.

  1. Right-click on a text to choose another order value


You can also simply click the text. It will automatically change to the next digit down the list.
Shift-clicking goes up in the list.


The Automatic option enables you to modify the order and the segmentation of the matching surface so that the continuity is respected.

The surface order is instantly modified, but you will see it only when using the Control Points icon for example:


For curves, only the order along U is displayed.