Setting the Manipulators Attenuation Factor

This task shows you how to set the attenuation value for the manipulator's displacement.
The attenuation lets you define the ratio between the mouse displacement and the actual displacement of the manipulator in the geometry. This attenuation factor is saved in the application's settings, and is defined in the FreeStyle Settings.
Open any CATPart document containing FreeStyle elements.
  1. Choose one of the four attenuation ratio from the FreeStyle Dashboard:
    • No Attenuation to use the attenuation value as set in the FreeStyle General Settings (default value).
    • Slow to use the square default attenuation value.
    • Medium icon  to use the cubic default attenuation value.
    • High icon  to use the 104 default attenuation value.
    You can change the current attenuation ratio to the next by clicking the icon.
    Each attenuation value equals the previous value (in the dashboard) multiplied by the default value.