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Getting Started

Entering the Advanced Meshing Tools Workbench

Defining the Advanced Surface Mesh Parameters

Setting Constraints and Nodes

Launching the Mesh Operation

Analyzing Element Quality

Mesh Editing

Re-meshing a Domain

User Tasks

Before You Begin

Creating 1D Mesh Parts

Surface Meshing

Creating Octree 2D Mesh Parts

Surface Mesher

Entering the Surface Mesher Workshop

Surface Mesher: Local Specifications

Suppressing Holes

Constraining Edges

Constraining Vertices

Projecting External Curves

Projecting External Points

Distributing Elements

Capturing Elements

Distributing Elements around Holes

Propagating Distribution

Re-meshing Domains with Frontal Quadrangle Mesh

Re-meshing Domains with Frontal Triangle Mesh

Re-meshing Domains with Mapped Mesh

Re-meshing Domains with Mapped Free Mesh

Re-meshing Domains Using Minimal Mesh

Re-meshing Triangular Domains with Mapped Mesh

Re-meshing Domains Using Bead Mesh

Re-meshing Domains Using Half Bead Mesh

Surface Mesher: Execution

Setting Global Meshing Parameters of the Surface Mesh Part

Setting Context Options

Meshing the Part

Removing the Mesh

Surface Mesher: Edition Tools

Removing the Mesh by Domain

Locking Domains

Editing Mesh

Splitting Quadrangles

Leaving the Surface Mesher Workshop

Advanced Surface Mesher

Entering the Advanced Surface Mesher Workshop

Setting Global Meshing Parameters

Advanced Surface Mesher: Local Specifications

Removing Holes

Removing Cracks

Removing Faces

Adding/Removing Constraints (Specifications)

Imposing Nodes (Specifications)

Specifying a Domain

Modifying Local Specifications with Knowledgeware

Advanced Surface Mesher: Execution

Simplifying the Geometry

Removing the Geometrical Simplification

Meshing the Part

Removing the Mesh

Advanced Surface Mesher: Edition Tools

Cleaning Holes

Adding/Removing Constraints (Modifications)

Imposing Nodes (Modifications)

Re-meshing Domains

Removing the Mesh by Domain

Locking Domains

Editing Mesh

Splitting Quadrangles

Leaving the Advanced Surface Mesher Workshop

Solid Meshing

Creating Octree 3D Mesh Parts

Tetrahedron Filler

Sweep 3D

Import / Export Mesh

Importing the Mesh

Exporting the Mesh

Meshing Connections

Meshing Spot Welding Connections

Compatible Spot Mesh

Meshing Seam Welding Connections

Compatible Seam Mesh

Meshing Surface Welding Connections

Creating Nodes to Nodes Connection Mesh

Creating Node Interface Mesh

Quality Analysis

Displaying Free Edges

Checking Intersections / Interferences

Identifying Duplicate Elements

Identifying Duplicate Nodes

Analyzing Element Quality

Connection Summary

Returning Mesh Part Statistics

Browsing Unmeshed Domains

Changing the Mesh Visualization Mode

Visualizing Meshes and Groups

Cutting Plane

Displaying Elements Orientation

Shrinking Elements

Coloring Mesh Parts

Transforming Meshes

Creating Mesh Parts by Translation

Creating Mesh Parts by Rotation

Creating Mesh Parts by Symmetry

Extruding Mesh Parts by Translation

Extruding Mesh Parts by Rotation

Extruding Mesh Parts by Symmetry

Extruding Mesh Parts along a Spine

Coating 1D Mesh

Coating 2D Mesh

Mesh Operators

Offsetting the Mesh

Splitting Quads

Moving Mesh Nodes

Workbench Description

Meshing Methods Toolbar

Surface Mesher Workshop Toolbars

Advanced Surface Mesher Workshop Toolbars

Import/Export Toolbar

Welding Meshing Methods Toolbar

Mesh Analysis Tools Toolbar

Mesh Visualization Tools Toolbar

Mesh Surface Tools Toolbar

Mesh Transformations Toolbar

Mesh Operators Toolbar

Measure Toolbar

Analysis Symbol

Nodes and Elements





Analysis Cases






Updating Meshes

Activating/Deactivating Mesh Parts

Hiding/Showing Meshes

Removing Meshes

Creating Groups under a Mesh Part

Filtering Mesh Parts

Filtering Geometries

Accessing Knowledge Formulas and Parameters


Measuring Between

Measuring Distances between Geometrical Entities

Customizing Measure Between

Measuring Angles

More about Measure Cursors

More about the Measure Between Dialog Box

Measuring Item

Measuring Properties

Customizing Measure Item

More about the Measure Item Dialog Box

Editing Measures