Cutting Plane

This task will show you how to cut a surface or a solid mesh part.

You have to hide the geometry.

Open the sample40.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  • Hide the geometry.
    To do this, right-click Link Manager.1 in the specification tree and select Hide/Show.
  1. Click Cutting plane in the Mesh Visualization Tools toolbar.

    The Cutting Plane Definition dialog box appears.

    • X, Y, Z options: lets you select the normal of which the direction is the X, Y or Z axis
    • Reverse: lets you reverse the cutting part
    • Exact mesh cut: if this option is activated, you can cut the mesh exactly where you drag the cursor. If this option is not activated, the cutting follows the mesh elements.
  2. Select the desired parameters.

    In this particular example:

    1. Select Z.

    2. Click Reverse.

  3. Select the section and drag the cursor to the desired position.

    With the same cursor displacement:

    and with Exact mesh cut

    and without Exact mesh cut

  4. Click again Cutting plane to exit the cutting plane visualization.