Re-meshing Domains with Half Bead Mesh

This task shows you how to re-mesh a domain using the half bead mesh method.

  1. Click Half Bead Method in the Local Specifications toolbar.

    The Half Bead Mesh dialog box appears.

    • Support: lets you select the domain you want to re-mesh using the half bead mesh method.
      The bead mesh method requires a with three nodes.
    • Impact neighbor domains: lets you define whether you wish to apply the new mesh method to the neighboring domains. If the option is deactivated, the nodes on domain edges will not be modified.
    • Mesh size: lets you specify the size of the half bead mesh.
  2. Select a domain as Support.

    In this particular example, select the following domain:

    The node used to mesh with the half bead mesh method are displayed on the geometry:

  3. Clear the Impact neighbor domains check box.

  4. Enter 2mm as Mesh Size value.

  5. Click OK.

    A Mesh Specifications.1 set containing the Half Bead Mesh.1 specification appears in the specification tree under the Surface Mesh.2 mesh part.

    The domain is re-meshed with the half bead mesh method.