Browsing Unmeshed Domains

This task shows how to identify and to focus on unmeshed domains.

This command is only available in the Surface Mesher workshop and the Advanced Surface Mesher workshop (after the geometry simplification or the mesh execution).

Open the Sample06.CATAnalysis document from the samples directory.

  1. Click Unmeshed Domains in the Mesh Surface Tools toolbar.

    The Unmeshed Domains dialog box appears.

    • Autofocus: lets you localize easily visible unmeshed domains by focus on them.
    • Current: gives you the number of detected unmeshed domains and lets you visualize a particular unmeshed domain either by entering a number or by clicking the and buttons.

    In this particular case, 20 unmeshed domains have been found.

  2. Select the Autofocus check box.

    As soon as the check box is select, the first unmeshed domain is focused on.

  3. Click the  button.

    The second unmeshed domain is focused on.

  4. Enter 10 in the Current box and press Enter to focus on the tenth unmeshed domain.

  5. Click Close.