Nodes and Elements

Nodes and Elements

Tetrahedron Filler Mesh

OCTREE Tetrahedron Mesh

Sweep 3D Mesh


Geometrical Specifications



Imposed Guides



Excluded Guides

Surface Mesh


Geometrical Specifications



Suppress Hole



Constrain Edges



Constrain Vertex



Projected Curve



Projected Point


Mesh Specifications



Elements Distribution



Element Capture



Mesh Around Hole



Elements Propagation



Frontal Quadrangle Mesh



Frontal Triangle Mesh



Mapped Mesh



Mapped Free Mesh



Optimal Mesh



Mapped Free Mesh for Triangle Domain



Bead Mesh



Half Bead Mesh

Advanced Surface Mesh


Boundary Specifications


Constraint Geometries


Imposed Elements


Domain Specifications

OCTREE Triangle Mesh

1D Mesh


Geometrical Specifications



Projected Point


Mesh Specifications



Elements Distribution

Local Mesh size

Local Mesh Sag

Mesh Operators


Mesh Offset


Split Quads


Move Nodes

Transformation Mesh

Translation Mesh

Rotation Mesh

Symmetry Mesh

Extrusion Mesh With Translation

Extrusion Mesh With Rotation

Extrusion Mesh With Symmetry

Extrusion Mesh along Spine

Coating 1D Mesh


Coating Local Specification

Coating 2D Mesh


Coating Local Specification

Virtual Mesh

Rigid Virtual Mesh

Smooth Virtual Mesh

Contact Virtual Mesh

Rigid Spring Virtual Mesh

Smooth Spring Virtual Mesh

Periodicity Connection Mesh

Connection Mesh

Slider Connection Mesh

Contact Connection Mesh

Fastened Connection Mesh

Fastened Spring Connection Mesh

Pressure Fitting Connection Mesh

Bolt Tightening Connection Mesh

Rigid Connection Mesh

Smooth Connection Mesh

Virtual Bolt Tightening Connection Mesh

Virtual Spring Bolt Tightening Connection Mesh

Generic Connection Mesh

Spot Welding Connection Mesh

Seam Weld Connection Mesh

Surface Weld Connection Mesh

Nodes to Nodes Connection Mesh

Node Interface Mesh

Groups under a Mesh Part


Point Group


Line Group


Surface Group


Point Group by Neighborhood


Line Group by Neighborhood


Surface Group by Neighborhood


Line Group by Boundary


Surface Group by Boundary