Re-meshing Domains with Mapped Mesh

This task shows you how to re-mesh a domain using the mapped mesh method.

  1. Click Mapped Method in the Local Specifications toolbar.

    The Mapped Mesh dialog box appears.

    • Support: lets you select the domain you want to re-mesh using the mapped mesh method.

      Imposed points are allowed in the mapped mesh specifications, but imposed curves are not allowed.

    • Split quadrangles: lets you mesh using triangular elements by splitting the generated quadrangular elements.
    • Impact neighbor domains: lets you define whether you wish to apply the new mesh method to the neighboring domains. If the option is deactivated, the nodes on domain edges will not be modified.
    • Mesh size: lets you specify the size of the mapped mesh.
  2. Select a domain as Support.

    In this particular example, select the following domain:

  3. Select the Split quadrangles check box.

  4. Clear the Impact neighbor domains check box.

  5. Enter the value of Mesh Size.

    In this particular example, enter 10mm as Mesh size value.

  6. Click OK.

    A Mesh Specifications.1 set containing the Mapped Mesh.1 specification appears in the specification tree under the Surface Mesh.1 mesh part.

    The domain is re-meshed.