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Manage Workbenches

Manage Documents

Set Up and Part Positioning

Design Changes

User Tasks

Part Operations and Manufacturing Programs

Part Operation

Machine Editor

Manufacturing Program

Process Table

Auto-Sequence Operations in a Program

Generate Transition Paths in a Program

Create a Process Template

Machining Processes

Create a Machining Process

Organize Machining Processes in Catalogs

Apply a Machining Process

Apply Machining Processes Automatically

Auxiliary Operations

Inserting Tool Changes

Inserting Machine Rotations

Inserting Machining Axis Changes

Inserting PP Instructions

Inserting a COPY Operator

Inserting a TRACUT Operator

Inserting a Copy Transformation Instruction

Opposite Hand Machining

Machining Entities

Edit a Tool in an Operation

Edit a Tool in the Resource List

Edit a Tool Assembly in an Operation

Edit a Tool Assembly in the Resource List

Creating a Tool/Tool Assembly from Scratch

Create a Tool Catalog from the Resource List

Replace Tools in the Resource List

Manage Tools in the Resource List and TDM

Use Tooling Resources from TDM

Specify Tool Compensation

Define the Tool Axis

Create and Use a Machining Pattern

Manufacturing View

Define Macros on a Milling Operation

Define Macros on an Axial Machining Operation

Define Macros on a Turning Operation

Build and Use a Macros Catalog

Status Management

User Parameters in PP Instructions

Managing Tool Paths

Packing a Tool Path

Editing Tool Paths

Editing a Point

Editing an Area

Performing Transformations

Reversing a Toolpath

Connecting Tool Paths

Modifying Approaches and Retracts in Tool Paths

Splitting on Collision Points

Checking Tool Holder Collision

Creating Geometries

Verification and Simulation

Tool Path Replay

Photo Mode for Material Removal Simulation

Video Mode for Material Removal Simulation Using Tool Path Data

Video Mode for Material Removal Simulation Using NC Code

Check Machine Accessibility at Tool Axis Definition

Generic Machine Accessibility (CATProduct)

VNC Machine Accessibility (*.dev device)

Program Output

Interactive Generation of NC Output

Batch Generation of APT Source Code

Batch Generation of Clfile Code

Batch Generation of NC Code

Batch Generation of a Video Result CATProduct

MfgBatch Utility for Generating NC Data

Batch Queue Management

NC Documentation Generation

Sample Document

Document MACHINE

Document Tool Change.1

Document Pocketing.1

Document Tool Change.2

Document Facing.1


Document Manufacturing Program.1

Tool 1 Document

Tool 2 Document

Tool 1 operations

Tool 2 operations

Tool 1 compensation

Tool 2 compensation

Document Tool List

Import APT Source

Workbench Description

Menu Bar


Manufacturing Program Toolbars

Auxiliary Operations Toolbar

Transition Path Management Toolbar

NC Output Management Toolbar

Machining Features Toolbar

Auxiliary Commands Toolbar

Edge and Face Selection Toolbars

Machining Process Toolbars

Manufacturing Program Optimization Toolbar

Machine Management Toolbar

Measure Toolbar

Specification Tree









Build a Tools Catalog

Access External Tool Catalogs

PP Word Syntaxes

NC Documentation

Workbenches and Tool Bars

Reference Information

Machining Resources

Machine Tool Resources

Tool Assembly Resources

Tool and Insert Holder Resources

Insert Resources

NC Macros

Transition Path Management

PP Tables and PP Word Syntaxes

Feeds and Speeds

Table Rotation and Machining Axis Origin

Tool Path Editor Parameters

NC Data Options

APT Formats

Generated APT Output

NURBS Formats in APT Output

APT Output Modifications

Syntaxes Interpreted by APT Import

Clfile Formats

NC Data Import to Support Legacy Data

Feature Attributes for Tool Queries, Checks and Formula

PLM Integration

CATProcess Documents Support in SmarTeam

CATProcess Documents Support in Process Engineer


Machining Processes

Knowledgeware and Machining Processes

CATProduct and CATProcess Document Management

Copy/Paste and External Referencing of NC Manufacturing Data

Design Changes and Associativity Mechanisms

Product-Setup Link in Manufacturing Hub Context

NC Synchronization in Manufacturing Hub Context

Lock/Unlock Mechanisms

Part Operation and Set Up Documents

Material Removal Simulation

Opposite Hand Machining

Identical Parts Machining

User Features for Machining

Properties of a Machining Operation