Status Management

task target This task shows you how the status of manufacturing entities is managed.
scenario 1. Select Pocketing .

The Pocketing Definition dialog box appears directly at the Geometry tab. 

The status light on the Geometry tab is is red indicating that you must specify the geometry to be machined by the operation.  

A symbol on the Pocketing entity in the specification tree also indicates that the operation definition is incomplete.

2. Select the required pocket geometry. The status light switches to green on the Geometry tab
The status lights on the Strategy , Feeds and Macros tabs are all green indicating that default values are already set for operation creation. 
You can of course modify these values.  Just select the corresponding tab to access these parameters.

The status lights on the Tooling tab is orange. This indicates that, although default tooling is set for the operation, you may want to modify or change the tool or tool assembly for a more suitable one.

3. When all the status lights are green you generally have sufficient conditions to create the operation.

Just click OK to create the operation.

Remember that you should always check the operation's tool path by means of a replay.

The symbol on the Pocketing tree entity is removed when the operation definition is complete.

The operation name in the specification tree is appended with the text Computed after a replay is done on the operation.

end of task