Workbenches and Tool Bars

task target This task shows how to customize workbenches and tool bars from Machining Processes managed in catalog files.

You can define your own toolbars to create one or more operations in your program from the Machining Process instantiation window.

scenario 1.  In your catalog document (containing external feature links toward Machining Processes), select a component (an external link).
2.  Select Publish Catalog Object in the contextual menu (right-click) in the Keywords tab page. 

3.  The Publishing Catalog Alias window appears. Enter your Alias name.
Repeat this sequence for all Machining process links you want to use in a toolbar, then close your catalog document.
4.  In your Machining workbench, select Tools > Customize.

The Customize window is appears.

If necessary, select the Toolbars tab page and create your toolbar.

5. In the Commands tab page, select Catalogs in the Categories list.
6. Select your command (corresponding to the Alias name) that you want to add in your toolbar.
7. Select the icon that you want to associate to the command (Hide/Show Properties button).
8. Drag and Drop the selected command line onto your toolbar.

Now you can use the command through its toolbar whenever necessary.

end of task