Manage Tools in the Resource List and TDM

task target This task shows you how to:

Import a Tool List from the TDM to the Resource List

scenario 1. Open a Machining workbench (no CATPart or CATProduct document is needed at this stage). The manufacturing document is initialized as follows.

2. Select Import/List Tools in the Auxiliary Commands toolbar.

The Search Tool dialog box appears. In the Look in list, select TDM.

3. Select Tool List Mode Access that appears at the end of the line of icons.

The Tool List Selection dialog box appears showing the tool lists currently in the TDM database.

5. Filter the list. The example below shows how to enter a string to display the tool lists referenced by a given machine (the % character represents a character string).

  6. Select the desired tool list and click OK. The Search Tool dialog box is updated.

scenario   If Tool preview after selection is set in Tools > Options > Machining > Resources, an image is displayed of any tool selected in the Search tool list. Please refer to Resource settings.
7. Select the tools that you want to import to the resource list and click OK. The PPR Resource List is updated with the selected tools.

scenario   The selected tool will not be imported if the tool number of the selected tool already exists in the resource list.

Create a Tool List in the TDM from Tools Selected in the Resource List

scenario 1. Select the tools in the PPR Resource List that you want to include in a TDM tool list.

  2. Right-click the selected tools and select Create TDM Tool List from the NC Resources menu.
  3. The Tool List Definition dialog box appears. Enter an identifier for the new tool list. Also enter names for the NC program, part, and NC machine. Click Create.

  4. Select Import/List Tools in the Auxiliary Commands toolbar.

The Search Tool dialog box appears. Make sure TDM and Tool List Mode Access are selected.

Click the [...] button opposite Tool List ID. The tool List Selection dialog box appears.

  5. If needed, enter the % character in the Tool List ID field to display all the existing tool lists.

  6. Select the tool list that you have just created (identifier A_TOOL_LIST) to check that this list contains the tools that you selected from the PPR tree.

end of task