Generic Machine Accessibility (CATProduct)

task target This task shows how to check accessibility on a generic machine. This involves:
  • loading part and opening the desired NC workbench
  • using the command of the Machine Management toolbar for automatically mounting the part on the machine
  • checking accessibility at the current tool position by means of a replay.
scenario 1. Open the AccessibilityChecking.CATPart document, then select NC Manufacturing > Prismatic Machining from the Start menu.
2. Double-click the Part Operation in the tree.

In the Part Operation dialog box click Machine .

In the Machine Editor dialog box, click then select the Mill_5axis.CATProduct machine in the ..\startup\Manufacturing\Samples\NCMachineToollib\DEVICES folder. Click OK to assign the machine to the Part Operation.

  3. In the Part Operation dialog box click Machining Axis . Select the axis system on the part as the machining axis system.
4. Click OK in the Part Operation dialog box: the machine is added to the Resource List. The machine and the part are displayed together in the 3D window.

5. Select Workpiece Automatic Mount . The part (child object) snaps onto the machine table (parent object) as follows.
You can use Fit All In to reframe the part in the 3D window
6. Create a machining operation (a pocketing operation, for example).
7. Activate the Replay dialog box, then click Check Reachability to verify that the machine can effectively reach the part at the current tool position.

A Check pop-up appears indicating whether the position is reachable:

  • If reachable, then the tool, part and machine are displayed at that position.
  • If the position is out of limits or unreachable, then the part and machine are displayed with the tool at the home position.

8. Click OK in the Check dialog box to return to the replay mode.

end of task