Creating Geometries

This functionality enables you to preview and/or create geometry from the tool path,
i.e. points, vectors representing axis or tool geometry for measurement operations.
This functionality
  • is available for all machining operations with the exception of Lathe machining operations.
  • is available even if the tool path is unlocked.
You must have computed a tool path and have selected it in the PPR making it the current entity.

Open Block.CATProcess from the samples directory.

  1. Select a tool path or an operation.

  2. Either click Create Geometries in the Tool Path Management toolbar,
    or select Create Geometries in the Tool path object contextual menu.

    The contextual menu is available on tool paths only.
  3. The tool path and the dialog box are displayed:

  4. By default, the previsualization of points is requested.

  5. Place the cursor on the Destination field and select a destination body.

  6. Select an area of the tool path:

    • push the button shown below,

    • pick the first and the last points of the selection.

  7. Select Axes in the Creation box. They are displayed on the tool path.

  8. Click Apply, the axes are created under the Geometrical set Sweeping.1 .
    Click Close to exit the action

If you want to only visualize the geometry, do not push the Apply button
since it would create the elements of the type selected.