Edit a Tool Assembly in the Resource List

task target This task shows you how to edit a tool assembly that is already used in your document.
scenario 1. To edit a tool assembly in the Resource List, right-click it and select Edit NC Resources.
The Tool Assembly Definition dialog box is displayed allowing you to edit the tool assembly's geometric and technological characteristics.

2.  If needed, enter a new name for the tool assembly.

You can also assign a comment.

3.  If needed, use the spinner to change the Tool number.
4. Click More to expand the dialog box to access the Geometry and Technology tab pages.
5. You can specify the tool assembly geometry in two ways:
  • double-click a parameter in the 2D viewer and enter the desired value in the Edit Parameter dialog box that appears
  • or enter the desired values in the Geometry tab page.
    In both cases the 2D viewer is refreshed after each modification to a geometric parameter.
  You can use the Tool holder stages spinner to define between two and five stages on the tool holder of the assembly.

For two stages, specify the two tool holder diameters (D2 and D3) and two cone diameters (d1 and d2). Suitable values for the cone diameters allow the stages to be tapered.

For five stages, specify the five tool holder diameters (D2 to D6) and five cone diameters (d1 to d5). Suitable values for the cone diameters allow the stages to be tapered.

6. Click the Technology tab and enter the desired values for the tool assembly's technological parameters. 

7. Click OK to accept the modifications made to the tool assembly.
scenario A CATPart or CATProduct representation can be assigned to the tool assembly by right-clicking the tool assembly node in the Resource List and selecting NC Resources > Add User Representation.  In this case, if a component (tool, for example) of the assembly has a user representation, it will not be taken into account.

end of task