Apply Machining Processes Automatically

task target This task shows how to apply all the machining processes of a catalog on a set of selected features.
pre-requisites Open the HoleMakingOperations.CATPart document, then select Machining > Prismatic Machining from the Start menu. 
scenario 1. Select Machining Processes Application . The Machining Processes Instantiation Manager appears.
2. Select the features to be machined. You can do this using the Manufacturing View, Edit Search facilities, and so on. The Machining Processes Instantiation Manager is updated.
  3. Specify the insertion level in the program. This is usually the Manufacturing Program where you want the machining operations to be added.
4. Select the machining process catalog.

All the machining processes are listed. Select the machining processes to be applied.

Note that selecting a chapter (component family) in the Chapters List highlights all the machining processes in that chapter in the Machining Processes List. You can then apply all of these machining processes.
Highlighted lines in the list can be deselected (using the Cntl key for example).

5. Click OK to apply all the machining processes of the catalog to the selected features. The Manufacturing Program is updated with the created machining operations.
  Please note the behavior of the command buttons of the Machining Processes Instantiation Manager:

Apply: Apply the machining processes and keep dialog box open

OK: Apply the machining processes and quit the dialog box

Close: Quit the dialog box without applying the machining processes. However, if machining processes have already been applied they will remain applied.

end of task