Editing Tool Paths

This task will show you how to edit tool paths.

See also Tool Path Editor Parameters.

Open Block.CATProcess from the samples directory.

  1. Select the tool paths to edit. You can select:

    • one or several tool paths,
    • one or several machining operations.
    • The tool paths must be computed.
    • The operations must be locked.
    • one or several manufacturing programs.
    The operations below the manufacturing programs are automatically locked or unpacked.
  2. Either click Edit Tool Path in the Tool Path Management toolbar,
    or select Edit in the Tool path object contextual menu.

    The contextual menu is available on tool paths only.
  3. The Tool Path Editor dialog box is displayed:

    If you have selected only one object, the title Tool Path Editor is replaced with the name of the operation.
  4. Click one icon to start the corresponding command:

    Point Modification
    see Editing a Point
    Area Modification
    see Editing an Area
    See Performing Transformations
    See Performing Transformations
    see Performing Transformations
    see Reversing a Tool Path
    Reverse does not apply to Prismatic Machining operations.
    see Connecting Tool Paths
    Approach and Retract Modification
    see Modifying Approaches and Retracts in Tool Paths
    Approach and Retract Modification applies to 3 Axis Surface Machining operations only
    (Multi-Axis Machining, Lathe Machining and Apt Import are not supported).

    Display On/Off
    Available in the Point Modification, Area Modification and Rotation commands.
    Click one of these icons to display or not the points on the tool path.
  5. Click OK when you are done.